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Indoor Games for Dogs – Keep Your Pup Active

Indoor Games for Dogs

Indoor Games for Dogs – Keep Your Pup Active

Keeping your dog involved in different types of activities is really a good not only for his health but for teaching him different behaviors. Healthier activities are good sources to teach your dog how to respond people around. Similarly, keeping dog at home doesn’t mean only you need entertainment but your dog also want entertainment and enjoyable time. There are lots of indoor games for dogs aimed to keep your dog active as well as healthier. 

  • One of the indoor games for dogs is, hide and seek. In this game, hidden item can be anything, even a person. With two human players, this game can be well played with the dog. Idea is, one of the players will go to hide and the other player will remain with the dog. Player with the dog will encourage him to find the person who is hiding. Reward the dog when he will find the hidden person by giving him praise or throwing a treat or toy.
  • Another outstanding game to play is tug-of-war. It is one of the best indoor games for dogs you can try at home especially when it is rainy outside. To enjoy this game, you need a bit of open space. It provides a fair amount of exercise for you and your dog equally. Before getting started with this game, you need to ensure that there is no dangerous or breakable item in the vicinity. Moreover, it is very much important for your dog to be trained so that he can fully understand a release command.
  • While looking into best indoor games for dogs, you may find “Find It” game best amongst all others. Take a piece of food or any other tiny treat. Show it to your dog and say “find it” and toss on the ground. If your dog is unable to get the right idea of game, another thing you can do is dropping the treat right in front of him. Try to keep this game enjoyable and challenging. Hid the item behind sofa or any other thing and ask your dog to find it.
  • What do you think about watching movies with your dog? You can sit in front of the TV and play the dog program or movie. There are lots of movies and programs specifically designed for dogs. Your dog may be able to recognize movements on screen and become very excited. He many not respond to all images on the screen but he would be able to hear the sound coming from the TV that can entice him. It is really worth trying to see your dog’s response to the movies or TV programs.
  • One of the indoor games for dogs is playing with interactive toys. These toys are excellent way of sharpening your pet’s mind while giving him reward at the same time. Keeping your dog involved in interactive games is really an excellent way to keep him healthier and active. Moreover, these toys can provide hours of entertainment to your dog.

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